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One of the biggest risks to the cyber security of your organization is, sadly, your own employees or volunteers. From easy to guess passwords, or passwords stored on a sticky note stuck to the computer to falling for a sophisticated phishing scam. There are many ways your staff can give cyber criminals access to your data. 

However, your organization can combat that by providing ongoing education and training. It helps when people understand how cyber criminals might attempt to gain passwords. There are platforms available, such as KnowBe4You that will work with your organization to create training programs for your staff on the various methods criminals might use to steal login information. 

In addition to training KnowBe4You has a way for you to test your employees understanding of the material by simulated phishing scenarios. The company will give you the results and you can provide follow up training to those who fall for phishing schemes. 

KnowBe4You offers tiered pricing that allows you to customize a training package that fits your organization. 

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