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4 Unique Tips for Marketing Your Nonprofit Featured

4 Unique Tips for Marketing Your Nonprofit Sam Dan Truong

Currently, hundreds of global nonprofits are working to raise awareness about their cause and find support to change the world for the better. Even though it is great that so many organizations are trying to make the world a better place, it does not change the fact that it is more difficult than ever to stand out from the crowd.

When marketing your nonprofit, it is essential to make your mark to attract donors. So how can you achieve that?

The answer lies in being innovative instead of following other nonprofits. Not only does it attract donors, but it gives you the opportunity to progress with new technologies or experiment with different marketing channels.

People are always attracted by organizations that keep their content fresh and try innovative marketing strategies to remain relevant. Here are some unique tips to help you in marketing your nonprofit.

1.     Work on Your Storytelling Techniques

Storytelling is one of the best ways to work on creating awareness for your cause, attracting donors, or sharing how you are working for your cause. You can develop different ways to share stories. Nonprofits often have an interesting story about how the founder started working for a particular cause. They also have compelling stories about the difference they are making in the world. Find a way to tell a story that works best for you and incorporates well with your marketing strategy.

2.     Try Different Technology

Do not shy away from trying different tech ideas. There are multiple ways you can try this. In fact, dabbling with tech gives you more room to be innovative and work on your nonprofit marketing with an open mind. It is essential to stay up to date with the current tech trends. You can organize virtual events, use multiple funding sources, have live sessions to cover updates, or show how you put in your efforts for your cause. Tech will open a door that will lead you to your progress and success as a nonprofit leader.

3.     Incorporate Direct Mail

You should not underestimate the power of direct mail as a marketing channel just because there are newer ways in place. Multiple organizations are using direct mail as a marketing strategy to reach out to their donors. Using direct mail along with other marketing channels such as social media, websites and blogs has proven to produce excellent response rates. Furthermore, direct mail lets you get up close and personal with the donor, guaranteeing desirable results.

4.     Build Relationships with Donors

Marketing your nonprofit need not be complicated. It can be as simple as building relationships. You must acknowledge that your nonprofit is highly dependent on your donors, so building a relationship with them is essential. If you use an effective nonprofit marketing strategy, you will even be able to bring back lapsed donors. You must work on maintaining a relationship with the donors to ensure they recognize their value and continue contributing to your cause.


Marketing your nonprofit is one of the most crucial tasks you engage in for the success of your nonprofit. Hence, developing a strong marketing strategy is essential to ensure you are ahead of other nonprofits and making waves in the industry.

Alison Clark is Operations at GivingMail, the #1 platform for direct mail for nonprofits in America 

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