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Here Are 6 Fundraising Ideas to Consider Featured

Here Are 6 Fundraising Ideas to Consider Sammy Williams

Fundraising is not an easy task for many nonprofits. It often demands creativity and tweaks from the traditional approaches that potential donors have gotten used to. As a nonprofit leader or a fundraising organizer, you have used approaches such as auctions, mail marketing, or walkathons. However, as we head to another important nonprofit season, here are six fundraising ideas to consider that may increase your fortunes and take your fundraising initiatives to the next level.

  1. Virtual charity run

Hosting a charity run is often one way of attracting sporting enthusiasts and bringing your supporters together to run for a particular cause. While it may attract many people, it is also a lot of work. It requires proper event planning and working in different capacities to secure permits, get sponsors, and coordinate activities. However, there is a better way to host a charity run. You can try a virtual charity run event where supporters sign up to participate through websites. They can pledge the miles they like to run and the amount they are willing to donate. They can do so at a gym, a treadmill, or other means.

  1. Host a monthly giving campaign

Although one-time campaigns are great, the problems or causes cannot be funded entirely by one-time donations. Some donors would want to offer monthly support to help your nonprofit further its mission and fund programs. This is where monthly giving campaigns come in. Tell your donors how vital their recurring donations are and convince them to commit to giving monthly. Break it down to them what their contribution does and show them what it helps your campaign achieve.

  1. Run a Calendar contests

Having a calendar contest is one of the ways to get donations. This type of fundraising is an excellent way of incorporating peer-to-peer fundraising into the plan of your nonprofit, which will help you pick donors and, at the same time, raise awareness. You can create a fundraising page and have entrants share their photos to make a case for them to be featured in the calendar. The participants will then request their family and friends to vote for them by donating.

  1. Host a 24-hour donation drive

Giving days can be lucrative if used well. They only need proper planning and projections, and you are ready to host them any time you choose within 24 hours. Rally your supporters to give on a meaningful day to your nonprofit and secure a matching grant for the day. You can do this within 24 hours. The urgency created by such a short deadline can motivate donors to help you raise the needed amount in the shortest possible time and increase your donations.

  1. Giving Tuesdays

The most critical day in fundraising for a cause is giving Tuesday. Often stylized as #GivingTuesday, it is one of the key events online, which activates the power of people and corporates in the country to unleash their charitable selves to transform the communities, not only in the US but across the world as well. As a nonprofit, this is a great time to rally the supporters of your cause to contribute any amount they can towards bettering the lives of others.

  1. Gaming for a cause

Many gaming enthusiasts would love to contribute to a cause. Sadly, many nonprofits have no program for such groups, mainly those that fall under the millennial demographic. Unlike other groups you have to spend vast sums of money to reach, the coveted millennial demographic is easy to reach through digital gaming. You just need to meet them where they are, and games are one such way of getting to them.

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